Food list.  Please make sure to have food on the days you are assigned 

 Directions to Mrs. Suzuki's house for Robotics


Fll season was a success.  We were not the best robot on the field, but we proved to the judges that we were a great team.  They awarded us the "Gracious Professionalism" Award, which is given to the team which shows the best team spirit.  Go Fe2

On the VEX front, a small team, just 4 boys (Brendan Baker, Alika Aipa, Wesley Sakutori, and Sean Sullivan) will be traveling to Oahu on December 2-3 to participate in the Pan Pacific Tournament.  They will be competing with teams from around the world.  Good luck, boys!  Stay tuned for updates.

We will be competing in 3 major robotics competitions this year.  VEX, First Lego League, and Botball.  Please check the links above for more information and check the calendar for dates.
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